Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aw Shoot! RexNet.TV is Becoming the All-Night Diner of Internet Television

Talk about your VideoActive! Another full day of shooting yesterday. Today and Tomorrow are chock full of Agent Profile Videos as well. Thursday will be devoted to edits, and Friday down to North Carolina for another Video Property Tour.

Rexnet.tv is becoming the all-night diner of real estate!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

RexNet.tv is Making People VideoActive!

Here's some VideoActive News:

Non-stop shooting, editing and uploading as of late. Won't be long before Tom Royce and The Real Estate Bloggers pick up on RexNet.tv's VideoActive news....

Next Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday will be all day affairs for The Real Estate - X Change. This is one real estate agency to reckon with...I reckon. To say they are attacking I.t.v. and Real Estate Video in a very aggressive fashion is an understatement. Between this day and mid November RexNet.tv and The R. E. -X Change (Hmnn, purely coincidence, I assure you) will execute between 70 and 80 videos for Internet Television!

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee, Marketing Coordinator
Centex Homes, Hampton Roads Division

Centex Marketing Coordinator Andrew Lee (here in South Eastern Virginia) finished a spot that will be going National. This just days after taking the reigns of Richmond! Lee is tapping RexNet.tv to shoot all the Hampton Roads Communities. Can Richmond be far behind?

This little gem appeared in CLICKTOWNE from Susie Ray - Hampton Roads REALTOR® Association Coordinator:

"WOW! Is what I hear time & again from viewers of the promotional videos that REX NET has produced for the Hampton Roads REALTOR® Association! The Circle of Excellence sm Advisory Group is working hand in hand with REX NET as part of our added value to our sponsors. Exciting “video invitations” which are new to HRRA, are Top Notch! REX NET makes the filming process an easy & relaxed experience. The final product is always very impressive!"

Seems like those coming into contact with RexNet.tv are becoming VideoActive -- and loving it!

See you on T.V. -- RexNet.tv